Simple Life In Brief

Story of Simplicity, by Farhan

"Simple average life, in the sight of the lens"


A new week

I’ve just got back from my family trip to Kudat, Sabah and i am super tired. partially because im not well. Other than that i just open up a tumblr account, for a portfolio (-ish) type of content, so check the page list at your right hand side.



During my sight seeing along the back alley, not far from the city center, I do discover the warm feeling of the dark side often overlooked in almost all cities. I saw people walking home after work, garbageman working hard to clean the area and also people chatting while walks. The shot above reminds me of our path in life, the alleyway provides us with a shorter distance to travel from blocks to blocks, easy access and convenient. Much like things that we experience and felt with our lives. Our love ones who help when the time we needed aid, our choices and path of life leads to the better and worst of life, the way we manage our everyday difficulties. Furthermore all that can be emphasized on a single alleyway.

Sunset : Calmness Nature


I was literally waiting for hours (3 hours in my guess) for this scene, I often go here with Sherry after a long tiresome day from college and some errands (if any) to relax, sooth my mind a little. With a little sea breeze, it was cool and refreshing. I laugh when Sherry said that there are no sunset today, and i told her ” [laughing] Jangan Minta2 bha syg “, means don’t ask for a cloudy sky or whatever that prevents the beautiful sunset scene. For me, the moments I spend with her is priceless, who can miss the chance to spend time with your love ones in a scenery this beautiful? I certainly won’t.

The photo above is very, what’s the word? Oh, yes, pleasing. There is no word for it, i cant make one, also I’m bad at making title, but I can tell you that  the colors are aggressive, but at the same time calm and soothing, with the breeze makes the grass a pretty dance moves, it almost look like the grass is alive when the sun falls down. The beauty of it is speechless. Enough chattering, i don’t put all my photo here, but most of it is in my flickr. So enjoy.


Second Chance

I started my day as usual, hanging out with Sherry (my girlfriend) after that and the usual. I got home and stepped on a button which is used and lying around there. I picked it up with a thought of giving it a second chance by posing it for me to take its picture, and I have to say, it is a stunning model and naturally took over the image. I’ve been thinking, can everything be given second chance? Will everything that has been given second chance be something useful? I do hope so, as there are many wisdom thought us that a person should get second chance, who knows maybe something good will come up and surprise us.

A new start


It’s still the early of 2011, and I got nothing to do on this weekend, so i decided to do my laundry, while waiting, I look around and amazed on how simplest things around me dazzled when in night time. So i took my 500D and snap some image around the laundry area. Be amazed how simplest everyday things can be beautiful under the lens.